Week 8 Playlist | Shawn Baran

I was initially going to begin by comparing the beautiful and the sublime as explored in classical philosophy and how the indulgent sax solo at the end of “Midnight City”… the yearning synth juxtaposed with Thom Yorke’s monotone drawl on “Dawn Chorus”… the nostalgic romanticism of the strings in “Shadow”… the chaos of “21 Moon Water” giving way to the peace of “8 (circle)” – all of these are, to me, examples of the sublime.

But that was all just smokescreen for the fact that this is an incredibly personal playlist, and putting it out for you to listen to feels weirdly vulnerable.  In ways both obvious and ineffable, it is a journey into some of my most personal moments, a collection of places that God has meet me time and again (despite the absence of conventional Christian music), and a resting place that gives birth to surrender and anticipation for whatever lies ahead.

I recognize that not all of these songs will be for everyone, and if you start listening and it’s not your jam, that’s totally cool.  But hopefully, for some of you, listening to this will help you feel less alone… or at the very least you’ll find some new favourite jams, because these songs slap!

andata | Ryuichu Sakamoto

Make Them Gold | CHVRCHES

Midnight City | M83

Revelator Eyes | The Paper Kites

Yellowstone | S. Carey

Who | David Byrne

Myth | Beach House

Downtown | Majical Cloudz

Face Like Thunder | The Japanese House

Shadow | Chromatics

21 MOON WATER | Bon Iver

8 (circle) | Bon Iver

Dawn Chorus | Thom Yorke

Changing Winds | Alexandra Streliski

Faith | Bon Iver

20:17 | Olafur Arnalds, Nils Frahm

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