JULY 4-7, 2023
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Kids entering grades 1-6 in the fall are welcome to join us for a day camp! Summer Camp this year is Ready, Set, Move: Follow Jesus here, there, and everywhere!

Please Note: A Realm account is required to register for Summer Camp. If you don’t have a Realm account, please sign up here.


Please Note: All volunteers will receive free preschool care during the camp. Volunteers will also receive a 10% discount for their own child to attend.

We simply can’t do Summer Camp without you! Would you like to be a part of something so significant and impactful in the faith journey of your child and the lives of others?

  • Small Group Leader: Relationship builder, Guide group between activities, Lead Discussions 
  • Small Group Helper: Relationship builder, Assist leader with activities and transitions
  • Large Group Helper: Assist in Prep/Layout of Items for Large Group Activities, Cleanup 
  • Rotation Helper: Help set-up supplies/activities each morning for the various leaders
  • Snack Leaders: Greet Campers, Prep & distribute daily pre-planned snack supplies for campers, preschoolers & volunteers, Supervise snack build, Cleanup 
  • Games Leader: Organize/Layout pre-planned game equipment, Lead/Explain activities, Cleanup between groups and end of day 
  • Games Helper: Assist with organizing game equipment, Help campers with games, Cleanup 
  • Craft Leader: Organize/Layout pre-planned craft supplies, Lead/Explain craft, Cleanup between groups and end of day
  • Craft Helper: Assist leaders with prep of supplies, Help campers with activities, Cleanup 
  • Missions/Experience Leader: Lead groups in a prayer walk, supervise Missions-related crafts and activities
  • Missions/Experience Helper: Assist leaders/campers with activities, cleanup
  • Worship Leader: Lead large groups in songs/actions, Supervise worship team 
  • Worship Team: Assist leader with actions and songs 
  • Tech: Run sound, videos, slides, lights for large group sessions. Must have tech training
  • Décor Team: Organize/Purchase/Build Sets based on theme and budget provided
  • Preschool Leader (Paid): Connect with the littles, Run activities 
  • Medical Person (Paid): Be on hand for first aid and medical situations