Welcome to Creation Weekend friends!

Here are some resources and upcoming events to spur us on as we seek to passionately follow Jesus, and celebrate the joy and wonder of Creation. We hope that somewhere in these links and descriptions you find a next step for yourself into the richness of life together as we seek to learn from Jesus. 

Creation Weekend is when we celebrate the wonder and vastness of the created universe, and this tiny blue dot, Earth, that we call home.  In the beginning God called it “good,” and we hope and work towards the day when all is restored and renewed as a fulfillment of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection. Because of this shared origin and hope, there is a kinship we share with the natural world around us, and with it, a wonderful opportunity for prayer.

This week we invite you, as part of our ongoing Midweek Worship blog series, to take a prayer walk out in nature. Colleen Klatt has provided a wonderful guide to help you slow down and, with your senses, listen and pray in “God’s masterful playground… waiting just outside your door.” 

Men of Southview are invited for this virtual gathering with Mark Buchannan: pastor, author and professor at Ambrose University. Mark will walk us through a series of Scriptures to help us have the heart of Jesus in our shifting culture. 

As 2020 seems perpetually rife with weighty issues, now more than ever is an ideal time to explore how God is calling us to respond in all of these things. Come be encouraged, gain practical insight, and engage in discussion. Grab a coffee and join us! 


Weekend Grade School Programs

We are so excited to re-launch our grade school programs this weekend!  We have been anxiously awaiting the chance to once again gather, learn and share with the kids! 

I know that everything from the check-in process to the lessons and small group time will look a bit different. But I want to encourage you that regardless of any restrictions or changes, everything we do, we do it knowing Jesus can do so much more than we can hope or imagine despite any limitation. We look forward to seeing you and your families this weekend! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.


Please note that for this first weekend we will not have on-site registration available for children’s programs: you must pre-register online. Numbers are limited. 

Registration & Check In

When picking your seats for the service, please select seats from the left hand side of the Worship Centre (left wall, Sections A & B). This will help prevent cross traffic as you head back to the Legacy Centre to pick up your children.  

Upon arrival, enter through the left doors and head straight into the Legacy Centre. Make sure you have your QR code handy for scanning. Once your kids have been checked-in and dropped off, head to the Worship Centre.

After the service, check your child out using the same QR code you used for check-in. Then proceed to exit either via the doors that lead out to the vestibule or the east door that leads to the sidewalk/parking lot.

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."


How many of us have felt this way, looking around at the faces on a typical weekend? We have an incredible church family at Southview, and the best way to find a sense of belonging in that family is to get involved with a ministry area. We encourage you to step out and find ways you can connect, serve, and enjoy fellowship. Our ministries are offered in person and online.


Children's Ministries

Programs for Nursery to Grade 6
Child Dedication
Serving in Southview Kids
Parent Resources


Youth Ministries

Jr & Sr High Programs (onsite & online)
Youth Registration
Parent Resources


Young Adults

College & Career
25-35 Year Olds



Women’s Ministries
Men’s Ministries
Seniors’ Ministries
The Alpha Course
Adult Christian Education


Small Groups

Long-term Groups
Short-term Groups
Right Now Media Online Studies


Compassion & Care

Serving in Compassion & Care
Support Groups
Care Resources


Community Impact

Local Partners
Upcoming Mission Trips
International Workers
Giving to Missions

Most Recent Online Liturgy

Weekly online liturgies in lieu of our regular weekend gatherings.

SAC Kids Weekly Lesson

Weekend lessons to engage your children and help them learn more about Jesus.

Those are the updates for this week! If you would like to connect with us further, learn more about our ministries, or submit a confidential prayer request, I encourage you to get in touch.