Our mission is simple: 

Our mission is simple ...

Southview's Story

With over 40 years of history behind it, Southview Church remains focused on the message of the new life with God that is available through Jesus Christ.  When Calgary’s south Fish Creek area was still mainly farmland, Southview, as a church plant from First Alliance Church, began ministering to the needs of its surrounding community.  They first met at Prince of Wales School in Parkland before moving to their property on James McKevitt Road in 1982. 

The new millennium found Southview looking in a new direction to allow for continued growth and opportunity to reach out in word and action with the love of Jesus.  We moved from our original property (which is now home to Southgate Alliance Church) to our current location in Walden in 2016. 

Though the landscape of south Calgary has changed over the years – what once was farmland is now home to over 400,000 people – our commitment to spiritual and social renewal through living out the good news of Jesus Christ is the same.  And more than just relying on our efforts alone, we love partnering with others in that goal.  We support local renewal and relief enterprises such as the Mustard Seed , Sonshine Centre, Calgary Pregancy Care Centre and Inn from the Cold. We also support other Christ-followers in regions around the world from China to Niger to Nicaragua. 

Changed lives are what drive our leadership at Southview. Our mission is to lead as many people as possible to passionately follow Jesus. That isn’t just a slogan on our wall. We measure our success by that standard in everything that we do. If we ever stop hearing stories of life change, we guarantee that we will stop what we are doing and regroup, no matter how many people are attending.

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Our Denomination

Founded in the 1880s, The Alliance Canada is committed to Jesus and his mission. We are a group of approximately 440 local churches in Canada, and we send people to live on mission locally and globally.

The Alliance Canada grew out of the vision of Rev. Albert Benjamin Simpson, who was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in 1865 and became the pastor in one of Canada’s most prestigious pulpits. During the next number of years, the Holy Spirit revolutionized his life, making him more passionate for neglected people and people living in poverty at home and around the world.

This passion to draw people into the fullness of life in Christ, both locally and globally, is what unites the churches of The Alliance Canada.

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Our Symbol

An understandable question to ask about a church is, “So what is this place all about?” Our symbol reminds and summarizes for us what we are about as a church family. It expresses three key relationships which Jesus Himself modeled: Up, In & Out.


First, the Cross at the center means that we are centered on Jesus Christ.   Our focus at Southview is not on religion, but on a growing relationship with God made possible through faith in Jesus Christ, who died on a cross and conquered death at his resurrection.  We refer to this as our “UP” relationship with God.  We want to know and follow Jesus.


Second, the Circle around the cross symbolizes again that we are a community gathered in Jesus’ name.  Life with God was not meant to be an individual journey, but a journey traveled in community with others seeking to follow Jesus.  This is our “IN” relationship with one another in the church family.  The church is called the “body of Christ,” and as such we are to support, edify, encourage and love each other as we walk through the challenges and joys of life.  Jesus gave us the Eucharistic meal, or Communion, as a sacrament declaring our unity in him.


Third, there are the Four Arrows.  These simply represent that we want to go “OUT” out in every direction, to all people, with the good news and love of Jesus Christ.  The church exists, not primarily for the well-being of its own people, but for the purpose of honouring God by reaching out to others in word and action with the good news about a new kingdom established in Jesus Christ.

Within the symbol there are Four Letters.  These letters remind us of the most fundamental elements of how we grow, minister and journey with Christ as a community.

“W” represents the Word of God

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to all people and is the supreme source of truth and guidance for what we believe and how we are to live.

“P” represents Prayer

God invites us to communicate with him in prayer – to share our praise, thanksgiving, requests and burdens.  Like the early followers of Christ, we are continually asking God to teach us how to pray. 

“S” represents the Spirit

The “Spirit of Christ” or “Holy Spirit”: Jesus did not call us to a life of merely self-effort, but to a relationship with him where we grow and live by the power of the Holy Spirit within us. The Bible describes this Spirit-filled life as the normal pattern for those who want to follow Christ.

“L” represents Love

Jesus made it quite clear.  If there is one fruit that is to be the mark of his followers – it is love. To paraphrase the words of Paul, we could display amazing spiritual gifts, be giving sacrificially, and know Scripture by heart… but if we don’t have love, we’re nothing more than a clanging cymbal.

Five Core Practices

If the symbol represents what we are about, then the Core Practices are how we seek to live it out.