Southview’s Youth Ministries are all about guiding students in discovering who Jesus Christ is and what is means to be His follower. Jr High and Sr High are environments where students are encouraged to explore their God-given gifts and abilities, and learn more about themselves and their walk with Jesus. Our desire is to see students connect in a strong way with each other, as well with the overall church community.

We value and encourage students to have intimacy with God, community with believers, and influence in their world. Our greatest goal is that each student who gets involved with Southview Youth will develop a strong faith foundation and have a personal relationship with Jesus. Our gatherings are designed to intentionally invest in our youth and encourage them to explore their faith in the context of their daily lives.

We also believe that it is important for youth to engage and be a part of the body of Christ, so we encourage our youth to be involved in church-wide events. We join in Southview’s serving initiatives and have our students attend regular church services. . We aim to equip, support, encourage and build them up so that they can engage in their environments at school and at home throughout each week.



Youth runs on Tuesday evenings 7:00 – 9:00 pm (mid September through mid June). Please contact us to confirm dates or sign up for a Realm account today for all the latest updates.

In the First 5 Minutes ...

You will be welcomed by a team of fellow youth and leaders. Start by filling out a registration form or download the form and fill it out before arriving for youth.

On Your First Night at Youth ...

Get connected with someone who serves or attends youth. Expect to enjoy gun games and activities, followed by a night of worship, teaching, and small group time.

Youth Leaders

Our leaders have committed to serve for the entire ministry year and complete our security procedures before serving in youth. We are confident in their ability to support both students and their families.


We are committed to raising up the next generation to learn from Jesus to know the Father’s voice, follow in obedience, and teach others to do the same by the power of the Holy Spirit. To do this, we point to our five Core Practices: Word, Pray, Meet, SERVE & Tell. Engage is a mandatory program for grades 6-8 students who wish to volunteer at Southview. Through Engage, we’ll discover how God has designed us to serve, and how awesome it is to serve God together.


Thinking about serving? Student Ministries is only able to operate due to our faithful servant leaders! Throughout the year, we have many ways that you can be involved with building into the lives of our students.