A Local & Global Focus

At Southview, we believe we are called to be disciples and “missionaries” as we live out the arrows of our symbol, and the core practices of Serve & Tell. Our heart is to see our people changed not only by their experiences overseas but by their experiences here at home as they interact with others in their schools, workplaces and communities (as expressed in Matthew 28: 16-20).

Our Partner Organizations



Globally our community partners with Moviendo Esperanzas (“Moving Hope”) in Costa Rica. These trips are for individuals, couples and families wanting a first-hand experience in international ministry. The trips consist of delivering shoeboxes, fitting wheelchairs, and some minor construction work. We are continuing to pray for and support Moviendo Esperanzas.


For those interested in serving close to home, Southview will be sending a team to Camp Chamisall for a weekend of serving. For decades, families of Southview have been sending their children to this summer camp. Now this ministry needs our help to build, restore, organize, clean, and refurbish several areas. More information can be found here.



Urgent and temporary provisions of emergency aid to reduce immediate suffering from natural or man made crisis (i.e. humanitarian aid, medical clinics, disaster relief.)


Seeking to restore people and their communities to the positive elements of their pre-crisis condition (i.e. building projects, teaching and education, discipleship programs).


The process of ongoing change that moves both the helpers and the helped closer to God and others (i.e. children's ministries, sports programs, prayer walks, evangelism).


Southview is committed to supporting committed missionaries through the C&MA and other qualified sending agencies.  SAC will function as the sending church for a missionary (but not as the sending agency).  We have many international workers in our cluster which we pray for on an ongoing basis at our weekend services.

The relationships our C&MA International Workers form with their congregations back home are integral to the way they serve and love the people in their adopted countries. When churches in Canada and International Workers share a vision for a ministry it becomes a gift that affects the congregation’s own faith and understanding of God’s purposes for them in the world.  Southview currently has three Seamless Link relationships with International workers that have gone out from our congregation.


One of the best ways you can help support our International workers on a wide lens context is through the Global Advance Fund.  This money goes towards supporting all our International workers across our Alliance Churches.