Welcome to Southview Kids!

We believe that each child is created to have a relationship with God with unique talents and abilities. Our hope is that each child will have an insatiable interest to be a part of God’s church. We recognize that no one has more influence over a child than their parents. Because of this, we believe that what happens at home is much more important than what happens at church. We are committed to partnering with parents and giving them the tools they need to support their kids spiritually.

SAC Kids is a fun, exciting and secure environment. Each servant volunteer has been screened and reviewed our policies and emergency procedures. Our check-in system provides identification and allows us to contact you during our programs via text message.


We provide a safe and caring Nursery for our infants and toddlers and a Nursing Room for nursing mothers and infants. All areas in the Nursery are equipped with a live video feed of the service. A change table and microwave are also available for your convenience.


A good start can make all the difference in the world for your child. As they begin their experience with God, kids need the opportunity to develop their sense of wonder. Through hands-on play, children focus on one key truth each week.


Kids keep growing and so does their desire to discover. Children in Grades 1-4 participate in hands-on workshops and creative worship moments with a constant group of friends. More information about our grade school programs can be found on the Realm Grade School Parent Group.


Our weekend program for kids in Grade 5 & 6. In this program kids will participate in Big God Story lessons, games, music, and life application to go deeper into and begin the transition into owning their faith. This class is a fun filled way to explore meaningful ways to serve God and others through their prayers, time and talents.


We will not be offering CORE (our mid-week discipleship program for Grade 1-6) this fall. We still want to provide support for your family to continue discipleship at home, so here are some resources. We recommend the 5-Minute Family Devotionals (Right Now Media), the D6 Family App and the Bible App for Kids.

Child Dedication


View our three Child Dedication Messages. These resources will help you lay the foundation for the things that will matter the most in the future.


Attend a Child Dedication Class. Follow the link below to contact a member of our team for upcoming dates and registration.


Pick a weekend and service:
March 16/17
May 11/12
June 15/16

Kids' Summer Camp | Grades 1-6 July 2-5, 2024

Southview Kids Registration

Realm Account

Prior to your first visit, please set up a Southview Realm account. Having an account allows you to not only check your kids into SAC Kids, but also to register for other church events and programs. Make sure to add all your family members to your profile and include any allergies.

Checking In

SAC Kids Check In opens 15 minutes prior to the start of the service and will remain open until 15 minutes after the start of services. If this is your first time, plan to fill out a registration card at the counter and our attendants will enter your information into our system and check in your child.

Where to Go

After completing check in, Nursery to Kindergarten can be dropped off in their rooms in the Kids Cardo wing. Pick up of your child will require your parent card/tag in the room you dropped them off in.

Grades 1-4 can be dropped off in our Legacy Centre. Pick up will take place upstairs in the Legacy Wing and will require your parent card / tag.

Grades 5 & 6 will proceed by themselves to Legacy rooms 5 & 6 upstairs. They will be released at the end of the service and do not require pick up. After your first visit, check in will be done in this room by the student.

Serving in Southview Kids

Help the kids at Southview have fun and love Jesus! You’re invited to join us in building faith in our youngest generation! We welcome all to serve in our kids ministry during all services, our weekday discipleship class, and during special events. All who serve will be provided with thorough training and support. During the year, you can be involved on a full-time basis, part-time, or casually. 

NOTE: Security and Screening may need to be completed for the safety of our kids and leaders. This is all online and may take up to 40 minutes to complete.

Personal information is collected in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. by submitted, you authorize Southview Church to collect your information for ministry purposes. Information will be entered into our database. If you have any questions or concerns about any collection, use or disclosure of personal information by Southview Church, please contact our church office.

Nursery leaders look after the youngest members of the Southview family. Leaders ensure babies feel safe and loved in this environment (no diaper changing required!)

Introduce children aged 2 – kindergarten to Jesus’ love through Bible storytelling, crafts, snacks & activities.

Serve as a small group leader with group of kids from the same grade, and help them to learn their place in God’s Big Story.

Work with pre-teens! Help this wonderful age group explore their growing relationship with Jesus.

Welcome families and help them check in and register before weekend services.

Be a friend and support to a child who needs some extra attention in our classrooms.

Prepare and organize all of our curriculum during the week. Bring your kids to make it a fun play day at the church!

Teach the Bible in a large group setting with Grades 1-4.

Parent Resources

No one has more influence over a child than his or her parents. Each year, we spend about 40 hours with your kids in church, but you spend over 3000 at home! Because of this, we believe what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. We are committed to partnering with parents by giving them the tools to support their kids spiritually.

My Realm Account

Our primary means of communication is through your Realm Account. By joining one of our Realm Parent Groups, you will receive the most up-to-date news and latest tools to spiritually support your family.

Family Communion

On select weekends in October, November, February, March, May & June, Grades 1-6 classes will not take place so you can enjoy the service with your kids and take Communion as a family.

Spiritual Milestones

Our spiritual formation process begins in infancy and continues through adulthood, designed around seven Spiritual Milestones. Read more about our Milestones and get started building a legacy of faith.