of Christian households feel that pornography is a major problem in their home
0 %
of pastors are approached regularly about infidelity and sexual brokenness
0 %
of youth and adults have viewed pornography at some point in their life
0 %

Clearly the issues of pornography and sexual addiction are alive and well in our world. But for the church, they can be difficult and emotionally charged topics to discuss. As we explore the many complexities of these issues, our prayer is that the resources below might be helpful in providing real and thoughtful context. And if this is something that impacts you personally and you would like to speak to one of our pastors, please feel free to contact us.

Find Support

For Men: Southview's X3 Pure Support Group

Join Southview’s Live Free Community. This community is for any man, single or married, who is looking for safety and accountability to overcome their struggle with pornography or sexual addiction.  The cost is $20 USD per year, which provides access to the X3Pure 8 week program and the Live Free platform.

Pure Desire Ministries: Online Counselling Services & Support Groups

Pure Desire Ministries seeks to provide hope, freedom and healing from sexual brokenness. Their founders, Dr. Ted and Diane Roberts, recognized the pervasiveness of sexual struggle in the church. Over the course of two decades, they developed a strategy that is biblically based, clinically informed, and highly successful in creating lasting change.