About the Project

For most of us, daily mobility and access to our community is something we take for granted. Yet in developing countries like Costa Rica, over 700,000 people living with a physical disability have no access to state funding or support. This lack of mobility is a severe limitation and impacts access to health care and employment. Sadly, more than 50% of those with disabilities in Costa Rica live in poverty and have little hope of improving their situation.

For this year’s Lenten Project, we’re partnering with Moviendo Esperanzas, an organization that works on the ground in Costa Rica, to help alleviate this problem.   

Each of us can get involved by donating the cost of a small wheel, a large wheel, or a whole wheelchair. Our total fundraising goal is $70,000, which would allow Southview to provide a container of 200 wheelchairs to people in need.  

This is our 2023 Lenten Project: to offer mobility and access to those who desperately need it. May God use our gifts as a way to create Moving Hope for the people of Costa Rica, their families, and their communities.

Moviendo Esperanzas is a non-profit organization that seeks to attract resources to direct them to communities in vulnerability, poverty, extreme poverty or social risk throughout Costa Rica. 

Moviendo Esperanzas demonstrates love through a variety of programs, including Toms Shoes and wheelchair distribution.


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