Brett Ashton | Playlist II

I was very excited for this to come back around to me.  This time, taking a cue from what is going on in the world, I decided to put together a playlist of music from women and men of colour.  Music would be so empty without their influence. 

I’ve chosen a fairly wide breadth of music from the past, recent past, and the present.  The whole Acoustic Soul album from India Arie was a very influential album for me personally.  As for Jill Scott’s Prepared track from the album Woman – that song was the inspiration for our arrangement of O Come All Ye Faithful in past Christmas Eve services!  I’ve also included two songs that are not by people of colour.  I’m not really a fan of the Rolling Stones per se (sorry), but Gimme Shelter is one song I’ve always loved – completely because of Merry Clayton – who famously recorded the vocal late in the song’s production while in the middle of the night.  She was extremely pregnant at the time of the recording and sadly had a miscarriage upon returning home from the recording – potentially due to the exertion of belting out these vocal lines in the studio.  The other song is Seth Walker’s Giving It All Away, where I think it is clear after 2 seconds where his influences likely were (yes, including the Beatles).  I hope you enjoy all of it!

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Brett Ashton | Playlist I

I’m likely biased, but I think music is the greatest.  Putting this playlist together was so much fun.  It could have been at least a couple hours if it was up to me.

Below are some tunes that have been moving me deeply the last little while.  Hopefully it will introduce you to some fantastic Canadian artists in Tenille Townes, Joey Landreth, Roman Clarke, Matt Anderson, and The East Pointers – as well as American organ prodigy Corey Henry.  I wanted to include Corey Henry’s whole Revival album but was told that playlists don’t work that way.

I hope you enjoy the journey and it puts a smile on your face as you listen!

Listen Here: