Chosen by our Staff & Ministry Leaders

Jon Kurtz

Summer time is always my favourite season for a drive: the streets are clean, the weather is beautiful, and the scenery is breathtaking. My playlist takes you on a drive with me!

Brett Ashton

I’m likely biased, but I think music is the greatest. Putting this playlist together was so much fun. It could have been at least a couple hours if it was up to me.

James Wheeler

In this time of social isolation, a great consolation and encouragement for me, is music.

Justine Lofgren

These reminders comfort me and cover me with peace when times get rough. 

Jesus Salazar

An exploration with downtempo jazz, beats and electro swing tunes.


Hannah Hunt

This list of female artists have been my summer soundtrack. 

Clyde Glass

Clyde Glass

The theme of water flows through most of the opening songs on this list. While there is no single meaning that the sea, rivers or rain have in literature or song, they are commonly metaphors for life and its challenges or for our longing for cleansing – both of which are certainly elements of this season we are walking through. 

Shawn Baran

I was initially going to begin by comparing the beautiful and the sublime as explored in classical philosophy and how the indulgent sax solo at the end of “Midnight City”… the yearning synth juxtaposed with Thom Yorke’s monotone drawl on “Dawn Chorus”… the nostalgic romanticism of the strings in “Shadow”… the chaos of “21 Moon Water” giving way to the peace of “8 (circle)” – all of these are, to me, examples of the sublime.

Robin Johnson

These songs capture aspects of my life that have helped me reflect and understand God and His Word. In dealing with the impact of emotional pain and suffering at different stages of life, I choose to praise God. He was not the cause, He is the cure.

Sam Seifert

I don’t actually listen to music, it’s not my thing.  So, rather than pick songs willy-nilly I asked our pastors to pick songs that reminded them of me.  The following is, for better or worse, how my co-workers see me.  Enjoy!

Jayne Burnham

I enjoy many genres of music … depending on my activity and mood determines what I will listen to. For our staff playlists, I’ve chosen a genre that hasn’t yet been showcased.  My many years of piano (yay, Toronto Conservatory of Music!) gave me a love for classical music that continues to grow as I discover beautiful new pieces and rediscover old.

Fernando Ebanks

I grew up with my dad and uncle listening to music mostly based in Caribbean, America and England. In my family as we listen to music, we love to dance, celebrate, cry, think, and reflect. My uncle taught me that although words are important… it has to sound good too! Enjoy!