Thank you for taking the time to do your Safe Ministry Training and for your servant’s heart in working with our children, youth, and vulnerable adults at Southview Church. Your time and efforts are blessing those you work with and the church as a whole.

First Time Training

The following four (4) videos are our Safe Ministry Policy online training used for those who are training in this area for the first time. Once you have completed all four (4) modules, please fill in the confirmation form below.

If you have already completed this full training in the past, please click “Yearly Refresher Training” above or scroll down for the “Yearly Refresher” training module and confirmation form.

Safe Ministry Policy Full (First Time) Training Confirmation

Yearly Refresher Training

The following module is our Safe Ministry Policy online Yearly Refresher Training used yearly for those who have completed the full training (see above) and are required to take a refresher course yearly. Once you have completed this training, please fill out the confirmation form below.

Safe Ministry Policy Yearly Refresher Training Confirmation