Art from Our Community | “Reset”

Over the last few couple of months we have been so thrilled to share works by artists from our church community on Instagram. The lifting up of people and voices we don't often get to hear from as they share their experiences, struggles and passions through art is one of the best arguments for social media, and we're so thankful for all of our past, present and future contributors because it really is so meaningful.

Today we’re sharing a beautiful piece sent to us by Courtney Green. Here she is to tell us more about it:

In a lot of ways I felt that the world was experiencing a reset when the Covid-19 pandemic began. A time of forced reflection. Of staring the future of unknowns in its nightmarish face. A time of curtains parting and light illuminating what we thought was dead and dark. What we take for granted. The people we love. Health. The ability to take a walk without fear. The activities we loved. Community. 
We can see this as a time of hopelessness, suffering, a crumbling society and thats it. Or we take the unfamiliar changes as an opportunity that we can weave into our ministry, into our legacies, into our daily lives. An opportunity to reflect on how the world, our individual lives even, maybe didn’t function as well as we thought…. and change the story into one of life and flourishing beauty in the midst of chaos. 

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