June 22 & 23, 2024

Hello friends! 

We hope that somewhere in these links, descriptions, stories and videos you find a next step for yourself into the richness of life together as we seek to learn from Jesus. If you are unsure where to begin, please contact one of our pastors; we’d love to help you. 

First of all, a reminder to bring your bottles and cans this weekend as we’re hosting another Bottle Drive for Missions. All proceeds will go towards supporting our international workers. Just leave your bottles in a bag behind your vehicle and our volunteers will collect them.

Southview's Annual Stampede Breakfast

July 11

Join us once again for our Walden-famous Stampede Breakfast! Enjoy live music, community, coffee, and great food (pancakes will be included!) Bring your boots and favourite hat.

This is a community outreach event, so we encourage you to invite family, friends, and neighbours. The breakfast will get started at 8:00 am and wrap up at 10:30 am.

Youth: Calaway Park Fun Day

July 13

Youth Grade 7 (and going into grade 7) to 12! We are going on a day trip to Calaway Park! We are meeting at Southview and arriving back for 5:00.

SEASON TICKET HOLDERS: Use code SEASONPASSYOUTH when registering your child for the entry fee to be waived.

Only a parent or guardian is permitted to register their minor child for this event. An informed letter of consent is included in this registration that must be filled out by the parent or guardian. Due to the nature of this event being off-site, we will not be accepting registrations for guests of students – parents of all attendees must register their own child.

South Calgary Show n' Shine

July 20

Join us as we host the South Calgary Show N’ Shine on July 20 here at Southview.

If you’re interested in showing your vehicle, please follow the link below to fill out the registration form (you do not need to register to attend and view the cars).

Come show your vehicle and come enjoy a family fun day!

Summer Grounds Crew

For many years, the grounds of Southview Church have been a testament to the dedication and hard work of our volunteer groundskeepers. These men and women, many of whom are now past 70 years old, have tirelessly mowed the lawns, trimmed the grass, and pulled the weeds. Their efforts have not only kept our church grounds beautiful, but also saved us over $30,000 each year, funds that have been used to support our mission and community programs.

Now the time has come for these faithful volunteers to pass the baton. They have served our church community with unwavering commitment, and now they need our support to continue their legacy. This is where you come in.

Picture this: driving up to Southview on a sunny morning, the dew still fresh on the grass. You see the familiar faces of the older volunteers, their tools in hand, ready to guide the next generation of caretakers. The hum of the ride-on mower and the rhythmic sound of grass being trimmed fill the air, mingling with the laughter and camaraderie of a community coming together.

You take a moment to appreciate the beauty around you, knowing that you have the opportunity to contribute to this serene landscape. Whether it’s driving a ride-on mower, pushing a lawnmower, trimming the edges of the grass, or pulling stubborn weeds from the flower beds, your hands-on work will make a visible difference.

Volunteering for this task is more than just maintaining the church grounds; it’s about preserving the heart and soul of our community space. It’s about honoring the efforts of those who have come before us and ensuring that Southview Church remains a welcoming place for all.

Your help is needed now more than ever. This is an invitation to step up, to give back, and to be part of something that truly matters. Together, we can ensure that the beauty of Southview Church continues to flourish for years to come.

If you can lend a hand, please contact Mark Michaud or fill out a Connection Card this weekend. Your participation will be greatly appreciated and will make a real difference.

Let’s come together and support our church in this meaningful way. Your church needs you.

Upcoming Ministry Dates

We’re excited to create opportunities for connection, serving, and discipleship this year at Southview. Please be sure to watch our Upcoming Events page and keep up to date on Realm for all the latest info.

Bring your bottles in support of our international workers on June 22 & 23.

Grades 1-6: Join us for summer camp from July 2-5!

Jr & Sr High Youth: Join us for a day of fun at Calaway Park!

Grades 1-6: Join us for games, snacks, and summer fun!

Join Rodd Sawatzky and Athletes in Action for this year’s Calgary Golf Classic

Grab your boots and join us for our annual Stampede Breakfast: 8:00 – 10:00 am!

Join us for the South Calgary Show n’ Shine in the church parking lot.

Southview Media Centre

Weekly sermon livestreams for those joining from home.

Financial Updates

View our most recent financial update here.

Those are the updates for this week! If you would like to connect with us further, learn more about our ministries, or submit a confidential prayer request, we encourage you to get in touch.