Midweek Worship | Prayers for Ordinary Time

During each week of Ordinary Time, our gatherings begin with a video to draw us together into a collective posture of worship. The video itself has many images that we hope will prompt different thoughts, feelings, ideas and responses that can illuminate what God may be inviting us into during this season. For this week’s Midweek Worship, we’ve invited a handful of our pastors and staff to reflect and meditate on a single image from the Gathering Video and to respond with a prayer for this Ordinary Time. These prayers come from Brett, Mary, Jesus, James and Fernando.

Originally posted on Instagram as an image set, we’ve also adapted it to be viewed as a single auditory and visual prayer experience.  Both are included below.

We would love for you to take some time to pray through these with us, and hopefully at least one will resonate with you and meet you where you are.

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