Breath Prayer | Judy Wiebe

Breath prayers are simple words or phrases that help you to centre on God within the space of an inhale and exhale. Try this prayer method as you go about your week.

Deep breathing exercises are often cited as an excellent way to cope with stress or anxiety. For centuries, Christ-followers have practiced a contemplative form of breath prayer as a way of engaging heart, mind and body in focusing on God. And it has the added benefit of regulating our breathing during times of stress.

Ask the Spirit of God to give you the words or phrases which will help you focus your thoughts on Him. Some examples include:

Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on me

Nothing can separate me, from the love of God

My soul finds rest, in God alone

Jesus Shepherd of my soul, lead me by still waters

Abba, Father I belong to you

Holy One, keep me true

The idea is to inhale while focusing on the first part of the phrase, and exhale focusing on the second part of the phrase. Breathe deeply and exhale fully. This is a form of prayer that can be practised alone as part of your time with God, but also throughout the day. I have found it helpful to practice breath prayer at night as I’m falling asleep.

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